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    After the Islamic Revolution of Iran, the number of colonies has increased from under one million to 7.5 million colonies and honey production has reached 81,000 according to the latest figures from the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad. In terms of the number of honeybee colonies and honey production in the country, we are among the top five countries in the world. On average, honey production with about 11 to 12 kg of honey per colony per year, we do not have good conditions in the world. In developed countries, the average production is more than 30 kilograms per colony. Iran is in 10th place in terms of production and seventh place in the world in terms of average production. Insufficient educational centers, professors and lack of attention to honey bee sector as well as poor relationship between promoters and researchers can be considered as the main obstacles to honey production in the country.

  • Production rate of Iran: 81
  • Rank of the I.R. of Iran in world production: 7
  • Two-digit HS code : 04
  • Four-digit HS code : 0409 0410
  • Siz-digit HS code : 040900 041000
  • Eight-digit HS code : 04090000 04100010 04100020 04100030
  • Common internal standards:
  • Common international standards:
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