International definitions and specialized terms : "Communication Services" includes postal and courier services as well as telecommunications services and "computer and information services" including computer services and information services, including news agency services and other information services. The scope of ICT services can vary (OECD 2006, pages 111-16) so that it includes business-related services. In UNCTAD 2007, p. 120, ict services are much broader in trade topics and include insurance services, financial services, royalties and licenses, cultural items and recreational services. Services in this field are defined by the nature of the services and not the method of delivery. The downloaded software is covered by computer services, while the downloaded audiovisual products are covered by audiovisual services (creative industries). Also, downloaded content that is not audiovisual or related software or products is included in the information services.

One digit code classified according to BPM6 1- Business services 2- Communication services
Two digit code classified according to BPM6 B. Courier services 75121 C. Telecommunication services
Three digit code classified according to BPM6 C- Telecommunication services from the set of communication services Voice service 7521 7523 Packet Switch Data Transfer Service ** Data transfer service with circuit switch 7523 ** Telex Services 7523 ** Telegraph service 7522 f Fax services 7521 ** + 7529 ** g Private Rental Circuit Services 7522 ** + 7523 ** Email 7523 ** Voicemail 7523 ** Online Data Recovery and Database 7523 ** Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) 7523 ** Advanced / value-added copying services, including save and send, save and retrieve 7523 ** Code conversion and protocol n.a. n Online information and / or data processing (including transaction processing) 843 ** Other B) Computers and related services - from services subset of business services Consulting services related to the installation of computer hardware 841 842. Software Implementation Services 843.Data Processing Services. Database Services 844 Other 845 + 849
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