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    Zinc is the fourth metal used after iron, aluminum and copper and is the 28th most abundant element in the earth's crust. Zinc is a metal in white, bluish, crisp and fragile, in nature always mixed and have common inner stones. Lead and zinc deposits are usually associated with important deposits of barite and fluorine, and therefore it is very important because other deposits can be obtained in the exploration stages, in addition to the processing process, mobile minerals can be used.

  • Production rate of Iran: 0
  • Rank of the I.R. of Iran in world production: 0
  • Two-digit HS code : 79
  • Four-digit HS code : 7901
  • Siz-digit HS code : 790111 790112 790120
  • Eight-digit HS code : 79011100 79011210 79011220 79011290 79012000
  • Common internal standards:
  • Common international standards:
Rank Province Production rate (Tons) Percentage share of the total Export value Export Weight
Import value (million dollars) Import Weight (thousands of tons) Export value (million dollars) Export Weight (thousands of tons) Total volume of world trade
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Month Value (dollar) Weight (Kg) Percentage of changes compared to the same period last year Percentage share of the total
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Country name Tariff code Value (dollar) Weight (Kg) Balanc Value growth (2015-2019) Weight growth (2015-2019) Value growth (2018-2019) Weight growth (2018-2019) Share of total world trade Average distance Average tariff
Country name Value (dollar) Weight (Kg) Percentage share of the total Value percentage increase / decrease Weight percentage increase / decrease
Customs of the I.R.I
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Union of Exporters of Lead and Zinc Industries and Industries of Iran
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Iran's lead and zinc industries and mines
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  • office name: Iran Trade Promotion Organization
  • secretary: Mokri Elahe
  • update time: 01/05/26 13:54