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    Monocotyledon and tropical dates are among the family of palms whose fruit is edible and has a hard core and thin skin and sweet taste that hangs in the form of a large cluster of branches. Byproducts of dates include syrup, vinegar, date nectar, date honey, date sugar, etc. he named it.

  • Production rate of Iran: 1317
  • Rank of the I.R. of Iran in world production: 1
  • Two-digit HS code : 08
  • Four-digit HS code : 0804
  • Siz-digit HS code : 080410
  • Eight-digit HS code : 08041010 08041015 08041020 08041025 08041030 08041035 08041040 08041045 08041050 08041060 08041090
  • Common internal standards: HACCP - ISO22000 - Mandatory standard for export
  • Common international standards: ,BRC, IFC , FSSC2000,HALAL
Rank Province Production rate (Tons) Percentage share of the total Export value Export Weight
Import value (million dollars) Import Weight (thousands of tons) Export value (million dollars) Export Weight (thousands of tons) Total volume of world trade
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Month Value (dollar) Weight (Kg) Percentage of changes compared to the same period last year Percentage share of the total
Customs of the I.R.I
Country name Tariff code Value (dollar) Weight (Kg) Balanc Value growth (2015-2019) Weight growth (2015-2019) Value growth (2018-2019) Weight growth (2018-2019) Share of total world trade Average distance Average tariff
Country name Value (dollar) Weight (Kg) Percentage share of the total Value percentage increase / decrease Weight percentage increase / decrease
Customs of the I.R.I
Country name Import value Import Weight Share of the total %

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Drug Importers Union
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Iran PVC door and window profile industries
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