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  • Product introduction:

    Saffron is known as Iran's red gold with the most valuable agricultural product and the most expensive spice in the world and as the brand of Iran in the world.

  • Production rate of Iran: 500
  • Rank of the I.R. of Iran in world production: 1
  • Two-digit HS code : 09
  • Four-digit HS code : 0910
  • Siz-digit HS code : 091020
  • Eight-digit HS code : 09102010 09102011 09102012 09102013 09102014 09102020 09102030 09102040 09102090
  • Common internal standards: Mandatory Standards of National Standards Organization No. 3659
  • Common international standards: HACCP,ISO22000,ISO9001,ISO14001
Rank Province Production rate (Tons) Percentage share of the total Export value Export Weight
Import value (million dollars) Import Weight (thousands of tons) Export value (million dollars) Export Weight (thousands of tons) Total volume of world trade
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Business Statistics

Month Value (dollar) Weight (Kg) Percentage of changes compared to the same period last year Percentage share of the total
Customs of the I.R.I
Country name Tariff code Value (dollar) Weight (Kg) Balanc Value growth (2015-2019) Weight growth (2015-2019) Value growth (2018-2019) Weight growth (2018-2019) Share of total world trade Average distance Average tariff
Country name Value (dollar) Weight (Kg) Percentage share of the total Value percentage increase / decrease Weight percentage increase / decrease
Customs of the I.R.I
Country name Import value Import Weight Share of the total %

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Name of union organization Phone Fax Website Email Address
Iranian Association of Exporters of Medicinal Plants and Food Products
  • 2122275260
  • 2188834017
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  • office name: Iran Trade Promotion Organization
  • secretary: Ghasem Khani Sima
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producer: Ghasem Khani Sima