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  • Product introduction:

    Tobacco is a broad-leaf plant originally grown in North and South America and is now cultivated worldwide. Tobacco is also known as the dried and cut leaves of this plant. The main consumption of this plant is the smoking of smoke from burning its dried leaves, which has nicotine.

  • Production rate of Iran: 25
  • Rank of the I.R. of Iran in world production: 0
  • Two-digit HS code : 24
  • Four-digit HS code : 2401 2402 2403
  • Siz-digit HS code : 240110 240120 240130 240210 240220 240290 240310 240311 240319 240320 240391 240399
  • Eight-digit HS code : 24011000 24012000 24012010 24012020 24012090 24013000 24021000 24022000 24029000 24031000 24031100 24031900 24031910 24031990 24032000 24039100 24039900
  • Common internal standards:
  • Common international standards:
Rank Province Production rate (Tons) Percentage share of the total Export value Export Weight
Import value (million dollars) Import Weight (thousands of tons) Export value (million dollars) Export Weight (thousands of tons) Total volume of world trade
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Month Value (dollar) Weight (Kg) Percentage of changes compared to the same period last year Percentage share of the total
Customs of the I.R.I
Country name Tariff code Value (dollar) Weight (Kg) Balanc Value growth (2015-2019) Weight growth (2015-2019) Value growth (2018-2019) Weight growth (2018-2019) Share of total world trade Average distance Average tariff
Country name Value (dollar) Weight (Kg) Percentage share of the total Value percentage increase / decrease Weight percentage increase / decrease
Customs of the I.R.I
Country name Import value Import Weight Share of the total %

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Name of union organization Phone Fax Website Email Address
Iranian Association of Exporters of Medicinal Plants and Food Products
  • 2122275260
  • 2188834017
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