International definitions and specialized terms : (English services) is any activity or advantage that is offered from one side to the other and is not necessarily intangible and does not involve ownership. Transit is a French term that literally means "passage", "passage" and "road", but legally, especially customs regulations and transit to "transfer of non-customs goods from one customs to another (under "Customs supervision). Article 1 of the Law on Transportation and Transit of Foreign Goods defines transit as follows: Foreign transit of goods is a series of stages during which goods from foreign destinations to a third country or are stored in protected areas and the order of its gradual transportation to The demand of the owner of the goods from the territory of the Islamic Republic of Iran enters from one border point of the country and the goods leave from the same point or from other border points of the country. The note to this article also specifies the rules and regulations governing the transportation of goods and their crossing of the border: the amount of goods that enter the protected areas, if the owner of the goods requests to transport it to domestic destinations. Be given, will be subject to the rules and regulations of goods imported into the country. In the definition of customs terms, transit is defined as customs transit or customs procedure, according to which goods are transported from one office to another office in the customs territory with the permission of the customs, which are: Types of goods transit Internal balance: In domestic transit Goods are transferred from one customs to another, and this is often time consuming. Foreign transit: In this type of transit, goods are transferred from one country to another. Since this does not mean the export and import of goods, it is not subject to any customs duties and is exempt from all such cases. The first indicator (human resources) The second indicator (infrastructure) Third Index (Trade Barriers-Standards)

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Sending a Delegation for the Logistics and transit exhibition-Turkey اعزام 05/01/2021
Sending a business delegation for the London International Transit and Transport Exhibition اعزام 06/01/2021

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